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Straight Vs. Curly

straight vs curlyHey Guys,

So I was going to post a long awaited review of Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse but alas, I have not had time. Instead however, I would like to have a bit of a rant/discussion/debate about the whole straight hair Vs. curly hair.

So, to start with, I have a problem with this myself. Naturally, I have very wavy hair. However, I have not been given smooth, gentle waves or tight ringlet curls that both seem to be very trending among celebrities. I have a mess that, to be frank, looks like a strange sort of birds nest. Being fair, however, my hair can behave some days and look party respectable but still in a mix between curls and straight. Also, the waves never seem to be in the same place! My hair is also very thick yet fragile and it breaks easily. These factors combined have gifted me with the frizz levels of a bumblebee on drugs. Currently, in an attempt to solve this, I have bought the Miraculous Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner as well as the serum from John Frieda’s “Frizz-Ease” collection. So far, I have not tried it, but if the reviews have anything to say it should help!

Anyway, back to the main focus, straight or curly? As mentioned, my hair is naturally wavy which most people like, however there are days when, as soon as I step outside, it becomes a mess of knots and tangles which require ages of painful brushing to once again tame. This leaves me with very little styling possibilities as the weather becomes a large factor with my hair having to be up most days. When I straighten my hair, however, this problem is minimized dramatically. I find that my hair when straight is less frizzy and easily knotted. Though there are positives, there are also negatives. Forcing my hair to become straight requires heat and because of this, hair can become damaged. This leads to more frizz and the cycle goes on. Straight hair is very much a positive, aside from that, as I find that it is much easier to style and my hair can still be thick and have lots of volume without getting in everyone’s way, including myself.

Now onto curly hair. Personally, I love people who have natural waves. I find that it adds character to their everyday look. However it takes lots of care. I remember once I was at the hairdressers and my hairdresser said to me that I was lucky to have the hair that I do where all I have to do is brush it and put some mousse into it to accentuate the curls and I would have lovely hair. This may be true for some of you but not for me. I find that it takes way to much time and have lately just been pulling it into a ponytail. Yet I do love curly hair. It’s so pretty and, when done right, can fit the style someone is trying to replicate perfectly. I also like my own curls because I find that they frame my face and, as they are natural, require no heat to create and therefore causing less damage.

If you were to choose curly hair, there is also the level of curls that you can get. You can be subtle yet stylish with gentle, bohemian waves 10634066_1 Selena-Gomez-wavy-Bob-Hair-Cut1or you can completely rock the boat and go all the way with tight ringlets. Of course, it all depends on what you like and what you think looks best but each type require different care and neither of which are easily found naturally without the assistance of curlers of different widths. As seen in the image on the right, this hair has very little wave to it yet is long enough for the hair to weigh down the curls to produce these waves. On the image on the left, the curls have been tightened and accentuated by the short cut of hair. For celebrities such as Selena Gomez (as pictured), their hair is not a problem as they have personal stylists who make sure that they look their best almost all the time. I find that maintaining my curls can be a very difficult task and sometimes not worth the effort as the effect desired is almost impossible to produce without heat or hair products.

As much as it may seem that I am trying to tell you that I hate my natural hair, this is not true. I do dearly love my hair because it can be wonderful at times and I feel that it perfectly matches my facial features and looks. However, when it doesn’t work and become stressful to deal with, is it worth straightening it to bring me my desired look and create a void in the stress yet damaging and drying it out, or should I leave it and wait for a rare occasion where it looks decent.

Bringing this back to a more general opinion, it is obviously up to you however you want to style your hair. Be it straight, curly, dyed brunette or blond (my opinions on this are another story however I do not object to people wishing to dye their hair whatever colour they prefer as it is personal choice and no one should be judged on their opinion of themselves), all styles are up to the person creating them. For me personally, I am on the fence with the straight vs. curly debate as both are very beautiful styles and fit whoever chooses to style it this way. I’d love to know your thoughts though, let me know if you’re a curly hair or a straight hair person or anything hair related.

Thanks for reading and see you next week!


(no credit taken for photos shown in the post as they are not mine. Only the collage towards the beginning is mine however I did not take the photos, only created the collage. Credit given to the photographer/s taking them)


New Themes?

Hey Guys,

So as many of you will know, I have been posting for 2 and a half years. In that time, my posts have been very strict to books and book reviews and news in the book world. This fact was emphasized even in the title of my blog ‘Spikes Books’. Recently, I have been thinking about writing with more varied topics such as makeup, clothes, hairstyles, my thoughts on recent events and so on. I love nail art and creating new hairstyles as well and I was trying to think of a way to share that with you guys without having to create another blog. So, if this change goes ahead, I would be posting things for a wider audience range such as new movie releases, high-street makeup, clothing hauls etc. I would love to know what you guys think about this change and even some possibly new blog names that encompass a wider topic. Let me know in comments and I’ll talk to you guys soon!

Thanks for reading