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Google Asks, I Answer

Hey Guys,

So the post that I am doing today is one I’ve seen a couple times and really enjoyed reading. It has been done on VlogBrothers as well as 101 Books (Winner of 2013 Top Ten Book Blogs) so it’s a pretty fun thing to do. Just want to say that I am completely stealing this idea from them (click here for Book 101’s version) so no credit taken.
So what you do is go onto Google and type in a question word (e.g. How/Why/Where) and a single letter after and answer the top suggested question with that letter. Today I will be attempting to do letter A-J with the question word of “how”.
Let’s get started!

How are you in French?

Uh… I can’t tell whether this is asking if I am good at French or what How Are You is in French? For the record, I’m not bad and it’s (Ça va?)

How big is an acre?

Uh… I think it’s 4046.86m2 according to Google at least…

How college?

Confusion… college I presume is good but it depends where you are, what you study and all that jazz

How did Charles Kennedy die?

I have absolutely no clue and will probably proceed to spend the next half hour trying to figure it out and then forget it promptly after

How effective is the pill?

Which pill? There are a lot of pills dearie. You need to be a tad bit more specific

How far did I run?

How am I meant to know? Though I can tell you aren’t getting any farther by asking Google…

How great thou art?

Ah, channeling the Yoda I see. The force is strong with this one… I probably got that quote wrong…

How high?

Where are you trying to go?

How I met your mother

I hope this is the TV show or that’s a tad bit creepy…

How J say?

How J say whaaa? I don’t even know guys….

So that’s my attempt at the Search Questions Answered challenge like thing… I think I’ll make this into a series.. We’ll see how this one goes 🙂

Okay so now you’ve read my possibly failed attempt, seriously check out the series at 101 Books (link above) because they are amazingly funny!

Thanks for reading!