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When I first started my blog, I was very keen on hosting competitions. However, they weren’t very popular and I have stopped doing them last year to focus on other parts of my blog. However, please leave a comment if you would like the competitions back and if enough people would like them back, then I shall bring them back 🙂 .

Competitions and Results

1. February 26, 2013
This competition is about foreign countries. A story about an American girl who struggles to live in England for example. It doesn’t even have to be on this planet! Make your story come to life in this competition with a maximum of 500 words. This competition is now aimed at people aged 8-15 so I hope this increase will allow more people to get writing and get winning. Again, the prize is a priceless piece of knowledge. It might be a sneak preview or the personality of a character. I hope you will all get writing and all competition entries must be in by March 15th. That is in just over two weeks so I hope you all have fun and get writing!!!
Results: Paulapowow win

2. April 8, 2013
This competition is different from all the others. Again, it has the limit of 500 words. I will give you a title and you have to create a story around that. It could be anything from horror to romance. I want you to enjoy this competition to the fullest. This is due in on the 29th April 2013. Please comment your responses in the usual way. Shortly, I will have a new source of contact but for now, use the old way. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy! The title is: The Spring Journey…
Result: Paulapowwow Win

3. July 11, 2013
Since we are now fully immersed in Summer, I would love for you to write a piece of creative writing (this could be a poem, short story or a descriptive paragraph) about anything to do with the word ‘Summer’. For example, Summer is one of four seasons so you could write about seasons, the beach is a tourist spot during the summer or the ocean where people always go swimming! Anything you want! There is no line limit for the poem, there is a 500 word limit for the short stories and a maximum of three paragraphs for the descriptive writing!
Good luck, the deadline is in five weeks (15th August 2013).
Result: Congratulations to cyelkoth5637 for winning this competition!


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    1. You can email it so that it stays confidential but if you win, I will put it in the post that I write after the competition is judged. Thanks

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