Hi Everyone,
This page is just to tell you a little bit about the blog and what it is about. This is a blog about my love for books. My current schedule can be found of the schedule page and I do a post on every other day during the week including a weekly quote, Word of the week and a book review.

My Past
I used to live in the Bahamas. Waking up to the sun streaming into my room. I always had a passion for writing and wrote loads of short stories. I can remember sitting on the beach with a notepad and pen, writing down ideas and titles. Before I became a lover of writing, I went through lots of ideas and phases. I remember wanting to be everything from an artist to a doctor, teacher to singer. I never stuck with them. I asked my Mum one say, What did I want to be when I was younger? Did I always have a passion for writing? She said that even though I had different plans when I was young, I always loved writing. Even though I always enjoying writing, I found it hard to complete stories to the fullest. My main inspiration for writing came from my aunt. She started writing and I was inspired to do the same. That was the main start of my writing. I moved to England a couple of years ago and I continued my passion for writing. I love writing more than ever and I want to express my feelings with you.

My Blog and Future Career
I created this blog towards the end of this year. I have pages about Book Quotes, Book Reviews and Competitions although we haven’t done a competition in a while. There is a schedule with a weekly list of my blog posts and when they will be coming out as well. There is one thing I would like you all to remember… This blog is for YOU.

I hope you enjoy this blog and support me all the way. Thanks again and remember, the sky is your limit.


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