Pretty Little Liars ~ New Fandom and Finale of Season 5

Hey Guys,
So over the past few weeks, I have become very interested in the Pretty Little Liars series. Last night, I finished the final episode of the 5th series. This by all means was one of my favourites and has left me with even more questions. There will be spoilers in this post so if you don’t want spoilers then STOP HERE!

Let’s start from the beginning:
JANEL PARRISH, TROIAN BELLISARIOMONA LIVES!!!! So a couple episodes before this one, we see that Mona has indeed been ‘killed’… or so we thought. In a recent plot twist, Mike reveals that Mona planned to fake her death but, as she never contacted him, Mike believed that ‘A’ had intercepted her and killed her. However, even though no body was found, we were shown her body in the back of a car that we can only assume belonged to ‘A’. This brought about more questions such as, “How did her body look so lifeless if she was still alive?”, “Why did ‘A’ specifically choose Mona?” and “What did he/she plan to do with her?”


Alison also enters her court case and we receive the final verdict… arrested for first degree murder… and she took the other four liars down with her for assistance.


In the truck, on the way to a Woman’s Correctional Facility, they get attacked. When they wake up, they appear to be back in their own rooms. However, there are camera’s in every corner and no photos or personal belongings of any kind. Turns out that they are in a large house that resembles each Liar’s bedroom as well as a couple other rooms needed for any other activities ‘A’ has in mind. Throughout the series’, occasionally when we see a scene of what ‘A’ is planning, there appears to be a dollhouse. This episode allows that to make sense as they are completely under the control of ‘A’ and have been put in an underground structure that resembles a dollhouse.

JANEL PARRISHWithin this house, the liar’s discover that Mona is still alive, but being forced to pretend to be Alison for the entertainment of ‘A’. She herself has been in this house for a while and she is working on a way to leave and get back to her home and normal life.   


Mike also becomes more important in this episode as he becomes a target for ‘A’. This brings around questions such as: “Why is Mike being involved?” and “What will ‘A’ do to him next?”.

BRANDON JONES                                     BRANDON JONES

Andrew also begins to look a bit suspicious. When he listens in on an important conversation between the Liars, we can all start to suspect that he is involved in this. Remember, in Pretty Little Liars, everyone is guilty until proven innocent.


Spencer’s parents have also discovered ‘A’ and have joined Toby, Caleb and Ezra in the hunt for ‘A’ and where the girls are. What will this mean for the girls and how much danger are they all in now?


Lastly, WHO IS CHARLES??? Towards the end of the episode, in an escape attempt, Spencer discovers a room full of ‘A’ personal mementos. She discovers that his name is Charles and, when a video randomly plays, she discovers that Charles appears to be Alison’s sibling. This brings up more questions than it answers. Why haven’t we seen him before? Where was he throughout the series? Why does he hate Alison? Why did he put the girls through torture?

In an interview with the director, he revealed that ‘A’ is someone we have seen before and that, by the end of season 6A, we will know who ‘A’ is and the story. The plan for the next season is a flash forward, using flash backs to discover how they escaped the dollhouse in the middle of nowhere and how they ended up the way they became. There are however only going to be 10 episodes is season 6A whereas there used to be 12 or 13.

I don’t know about anyone else but I am extremely excited for the next season and looking forward to finally discovering who ‘A’ is.

Thanks for reading and a review for Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse should be up around Sunday.


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