Hey Guys,
So I got back from my 2 day holiday early because it was raining so we couldn’t climb the mountain 😦 but when we got home (literally 20 minutes ago) I found an Amazon box sitting on the floor just inside the door (thanks to our neighbour). My 10 new books finally arrived! Here they are:

Just incase you can’t see all of the titles because the image isn’t of the best quality, the books include:

Prodigy and Champion By Marie Lu

Blue Moon, Dark Flame and Shadow Land By Alyson Noel

Delirium By Lauren Oliver

City of Bones By Cassandra Clare

The Elite By Keira Cass

Earthbound By Aprilynne Pike

Nil By Lynne Matson




These first five are the ‘stand alone books’. All of them except Nil are in a series of books but what I have done for all of them except The Elite is I have bought the first of the series so that I can see if I like it and then if I do, buy the rest of the series later on. The Elite is different because I had already bought the first book on my kindle a while ago and the last book The One is very expensive at the moment because it is only available in hard back so I am going to wait until a) it comes out in paperback or b) I can’t wait any longer!

Covers 2

This series is the 2nd, 3rd and 4th books in a series of six called The Immortals. My very close friend who always seems to be lending me books (you know who you are 😉 ) lent me the first and I fell in love with this series. I still need to do a review on the first book Evermore so look out for that at some point.

Covers 1

The other series of books that I bought the rest of is the Legend series. Sorry about the blurry image. Anyway, I bought this book because I saw it in a book store and I thought it would be a nice book. It is kind of a typical dystopian novel in the sense that you have a corrupt ruler, a good girl goes bad heroin and the bad boy. Even though it is typical and very similar to works like Divergent and The Hunger Games, it is a nice series to sit down and read as almost light reading.

There you go, there are my 10 new books. The book tower will be up tomorrow and look out for a review of both Evermore and The Bunker Diary (which I just finished yesterday) coming out soon.




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