Hey Everyone,
I know I haven’t posted in a while and I am very sorry. I have been reading new books and fixing up the Spikes Books facebook page. We now have 2 admins. Me (~Spike) and ~The Crazy Fangirl. Be sure to check it out! So much better than just posting links 😛 Anyway here is my new schedule. I will be sure to stick with this one so, as you will see, I have changed it up a bit but it is a lot less packed in meaning that I can definantly do this one 🙂

Monday ~ Reading / any quote to get you through the week
Wednesday ~ Book Review
Friday ~Word of the week
Any day during the week ~Any news updates

As you can see, my break days are Tuesday and Thursday. This doesn’t mean I wont be posting on those days. Just that they don’t have any specific ‘activity’. The Facebook page will be updated regularly on any date. Quizzes will pop up at random times as well, just to keep things fresh.
Thanks for reading!


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