Alternate Universe

Hey Guys,

So I was talking with my friend and we started about random things. One of the things we were talking about was What if we are just another person’s dream? Well anyway, this got me thinking. I wrote a poem on it and I would love it if you guys could comment what you think. It would really help. Thanks and here’s the poem.


Alternate Universe

When you have seen all I have seen,

When you have felt all I have felt,

Then you will know

How it feels to only be there when one is asleep

To be gone when it was feels like such a short period of time

To be seen when no one is there

To have loved and lost in a matter of hours

Your watcher only seeing one image a night

Barely remembering you the next

Ever changing

Always there

A dream

That’s all they see

They don’t realise the beauty

The sweet satisfaction

I am not alive

Nor am I dead

Just in a different world

One where wars are not fought endlessly to the death

A world only seen in seven seconds

 A world no one could ever dream about

But that’s the thing

They have


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