Unnaturals Book Review

Hey Guys,

Unnaturals Cover
As you can probably tell by the cover above, today I will be reviewing Unnaturals by Lynna Merrill. I started reading this book as I thought that it looked very interesting. I got it on my kindle and read it and… well you’ll find out my thoughts in the review 🙂

Book title: Unnaturals

Authors name: Lynna Merrill

Publisher: A Kindle book

Date Published: March 2013

Number of pages: 364

Overall rating:

3.5 star


In the perfect city of Lucasta life is easy, bountiful, and completely planned for everyone. New fashions and material goods abound. Everyone constantly communicates with hundreds of friends through their computing device, and benevolent corporations watch over people as good parents. To the new generation, hate and prejudice are just a fairy tale, and pain, disease, and cruelty are fading into a distant memory. So is personal choice. Teenage Meliora feels as if Lucasta is suffocating her. Always an unusual child, she discovers the dark secret of a world where secrets don’t even exist any more. But what can be wrong with a perfect world?

My Review:

As it says in the blurb, this story is about a girl called Meliora. She grew up in one of the three cities, Lucasta. In Lucasta, everyone was happy on their technology, computers, screens (as they are called in the book) which use technology called hummie (you hum what you want to say) or thoughtmotion which is the new one. Meliora was different. She wanted to explore and find out things about the past, things that others just ignored. She met a guy called Nic. This is where the story really started as he disappears and leads Meliora on a journey that will take her places that she least expected…

One of my favourite parts of the story was the character descriptions. This was due to the depth that the story went when explaining the characters. There was also a lot of pathetic fantasy. For those who don’t know what that is, it is where the weather and the mood of the story/film reflects the characters mood. For example, when a character is happy, it is bright and sunny, but when they are sad, it is dark and rainy. Sometimes, this effect really brought out how the characters were feeling and other times, it felt a bit too much when you already understand. I also liked the descriptions of the surroundings as they created the right mood for what it was meant to be like. I found that the story kept me guessing as I never knew what was coming next.

Now for the parts that I didn’t like so much. Feel free to skip this part if you really enjoyed the book as I am only giving my opinion. I gave this book  3.5 stars as I found that I was often confused throughout the book. Sometimes the language that was used confused me. The book was also inconsistent. Some parts of the story were very gripping  and kept me turning the pages, but other parts were a bit of a bore to read. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it a lot. I just think that it could have been a bit more consistent. I also found the ending a bit confusing. I liked how it ended, but I thought that it would be a bit more interesting. I cannot say anymore about the ending as it will give it away.

To round up my review, I have to say well done to Lynna Merrill for writing a good book. The story also connected with our world today as Lucasta and the three cities are all obsessed with technology. All I have to say on that front is the I only hope that we don’t turn out like Lucasta. Don’t be fooled by the blurb. I would recommend this book to readers who love dystopian fiction books as it is based around a future that we all might come to know.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it 🙂



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