Competition Winner

Hello Readers,
Are you ready to find out who won the competition??? Well done to… cyelkoth5637!!! Her story really got me thinking and the way it was written was different. A short story with 212 words that made me realise that although Summer is a pleasure to most people, it can also be a curse…
I watch as the summer sun slants through my window shades—slivers of light reaching through my living room, leaving white stripes on the far wall. The air is still—each fleck of dust highlighted like a golden flake, like I’m caught in a snow globe.

I can hear them outside, laughing, playing, basking. I envy them. I am here, on a beautiful day, and I can’t leave. Yes, my legs work. Yes, I can walk out of my house. But I can’t. An emotional constrictor with the strength of the longest boa grapples around my neck and chest and squeezes when I think about leaving.

But if it was raining, storming, I wouldn’t feel such envy. All of these beautiful people, with their sun-glinted hair, their rosy cheeks, their relaxed smiles, would be inside their houses, just like me. We would watch TV together or read a book or stare at the ceiling or sleep. None of us would feel pressure to leave our houses—even if it’s been 7 months—and we could all be together and the same and NORMAL.

But summer came anyway. Its beauty and light and warmth a reminder that I am flawed.

Someday… SOMEDAY I will leave again.

But until then… I wish it would rain.

Well done again to cyelkoth5637, who has won a sneak preview of either Behind the Glass or Sparkle/a character profile! Thank you to everyone who entered. Believe me it was a tough competition to judge. Look out for the next competition and, until then, why not comment your thoughts on this short story? Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Competition Winner

  1. Wow! Thanks so much for having the competition, Spike! I had a great time with this one and I’m glad it got you thinking. The story itself was based on the testimonial of an agoraphobic. I love using different points of view to put a twist on stories.

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