Inspiration Comes In Many Ways

Hi Everyone,
I was scrolling through my reader page and I saw how people were talking about how different things inspire you to create ideas and short stories of your own. Here are some of the things that may inspire you:

  • Dreams-Dreams are one of those odd things that show up every once in a while. I remember I had a dream about a girl with a terminal illness but it wasn’t cancer or any other real illness’, it was something different. I took this dream and, because I remembered it so vividly, I wrote a little story about it called, Grey Life. Here is the intro to it:
    We were in a field and the sun was shining when……
    “Dani, come here and blow out your candles.” Maria calls. I wake up back in the field with my birthday stuff out.
    “Coming. Just let me get the bulb.” I reply. I grab the bulb and go back to Maria.
    “Dani, You do know what that bulb is for. Once you get home put it onto the tree in the garden and it should fill with liquid. That liquid is your blood, or well a visual image of your blood. It will also fill up this necklace here.” Maria tells me.
    “Happy seventh birthday Dani.” A boy with light brown hair and chocolate-brown eyes comes up to me.
    “Hi Shay, Thanks so much.” I say.
    Once I blew out my candles, I lead everybody home. At home I could smell Grandma cooking and the fire burning as always. I lift up the bulb up as we enter the garden.
    “Now Dani, When the bulb touches the branch you will feel a vibration through your hand. Do not remove your hand. OK.” Maria tells me. I could tell she was serious.
    “Okay.” I reply. I just couldn’t wait. I walk up to the tree and a small branch unravels and I put my hand up. I hold my breath. Once the bulb and tree make contact, my hand shivers and I see a silver liquid pouring into the bulb. My necklace fills up with the same liquid and a loud cheer comes from behind me.
    “Well Done Dani. You handled that really well” Shay came up behind me.
    “Thanks.” I reply.That was my seventh birthday and no one has told me what the silver means. Not yet anyway……

    This little story came from a single dream I had about four or five years ago. After I have finished the Sparkle series, I will complete this story.

  • Location, Location and location- This is another way you can be inspired. I love sitting on the beach or by the pool reading until the sun goes down. I love looking at the crystal clear waters or the shimmering fish swimming in the ocean. The location of different stories is very important as it sets the scene. It tells the reader where the characters are and it makes them feel part of the story as if they were actually there with the characters, living what you are telling them.
  • Family Events-Say you had a massive thirteenth birthday or you got a new baby brother or sister, these events can inspire different things to happen in the story you are writing. The events in your story come to life with experience. Say you got really home sick on a school trip somewhere, it would become more lifelike and real with that experience than if you were doing it by what you thought it would feel like.

This is what I have previously been inspired by but go ahead. Comment down bellow and let me know what has inspired you.
Thanks for reading


5 thoughts on “Inspiration Comes In Many Ways

  1. “What inspires you?” Such a great question. And one asked of SO many writers. 🙂
    Personally, I don’t use a specific thing for inspiration. I usually just get a scene– no context, no plot, NO idea what it means or why it’s happening– and I write it down. (For example, my first novel starts with a women who wakes up, has no idea where she is, then realizes she has no idea WHO she is.) But, like my example, that’s all I get. I don’t KNOW where she is. Or who. And the only way for me to find out is to keep writing about her. Now, when I reread a scene I’ve written and figure out I don’t CARE about the character, the scene falls dead and I move on.
    Guess this isn’t too helpful for other writers as far as what can inspire them, but sometimes just a random made-up situation inspires me to find out the rest of the story.

    1. Thank you for the comment cyelkoth5637 and I agree that not everyone uses ways of inspiration but I guess you would say that they are ‘writing techniques’ that you use instead of inspiration like I do. Sometimes I would use a similar thing to you where I would think of something and expand it into a story but everyone is different. Your technique shows that sometimes, what starts out as nothing then becomes a full story when it is finished. If I were to give you one comment, it would be to believe in your character. I know it sounds cheesy or comical but when you believe in your character, they become part of you and it helps to get their character across to future readers. For example, in my book The Mirror’s Face, the main character Clara was based off a mixture of different people and I connected with her. I couldn’t wait to continue writing her story and find out where it took me, and in Sparkle, Kelli is based off the person who I always thought I was like. I love writing her story because I never know where it will leave me. Thanks again for your comment and I hope you like future blog posts as well!
      Spike 🙂

      1. I definitely agree to this. The character is what lets me know if I want to finish the story or not. But sometimes, I just don’t have an interest in them and the story fizzles. I suppose that’s true of books I read, so why not stories I write? 🙂

        I don’t often base my characters on specific people–maybe I’m afraid I’ll offend someone–but I do try to bring in human nature elements that run universal, so the reader can relate. It’s especially important I think for me writing scifi, so that people stay with the character, even if the surroundings are foreign. But you seem to bring in multiple people for your characters and that’s an interesting concept as well.

      2. I agree that it can sometimes offend people depending on the character, but what I do is I will have someone in mind when creating the character yet not make them EXACTLY alike. Say if my friend had a fiery personality then the girl I was creating would have sudden bursts of energy and activity. This would then make me think of another friend so they are a mix of different people. In response to your question, the books you read are written by professionals so they have had a lot of experience. The trick is not to give up and just keep going. In writing, The Mirror’s Face, I went through a phase where nothing was happening in the story and I wanted to stop and give up but I kept going and pretty soon, I couldn’t wait to get writing again. Thanks again for your comment and I hope you like future blog posts as well!
        Spike 🙂

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