Summer Competition

Hey Guys,

I haven’t done a competition in a while so I thought I would do one now. Since we are now fully immersed in Summer, I would love for you to write a piece of creative writing (this could be a poem, short story or a descriptive paragraph) about anything to do with the word ‘Summer’. For example, Summer is one of four seasons so you could write about seasons, the beach is a tourist spot during the summer or the ocean where people always go swimming! Anything you want! There is no line limit for the poem, there is a 500 word limit for the short stories and a maximum of three paragraphs for the descriptive writing! Here are the prizes:

1st Prize: A sneak preview of either Behind the Glass or Sparkle (your choice)
2nd Prize: A character profile for any character of The Mirror’s Face, Behind the Glass or Sparkle (your choice)

This time I am doing prizes for first and second because I want to reward more people with their work. If there is a tie, the two people get either first or second prize separately. For example, if there was a tie in second place, each of the winners would choose a character each and get a character profile for them. That might sound confusing but if you tie, you will know what I mean.

Good luck, the deadline is in five weeks (15th August 2013).


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