Book Review-One Moment

Hey Guys,
Here is my book review today. This is a Young Adult book but it truly is amazing!

One Moment-Kristina McBride
Maggie is one of six best friends, Joey, Adam, Pete, Shannon, Tanna and herself. Cliff jumping is a past time for all of them and when Maggie and her now boyfriend Joey go to jump their favourite place, Maggie is confused. Time disappears and Maggie later remembers Adam finding her in a bush and Joey dead. Faced with this horror, she now has to figure out what exactly happened on the cliff top and how he died. As the pieces come back to her, Maggie realises that Joey had many secrets, and all of them involved her…

This is a great book about love and loss, life and death. I would completely recommend it but for the older age group as it does contain language throughout the book. Nevertheless, it was an unbelievable real book with the caption on the front “The American Dream ripped and torn apart” and “As unexpectedly real as unbelievably romantic”. I give it five out of five stars!

One Moment Cover

Here is my book review today and I hope you enjoy!


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