All Round Update

Hey Guys,
I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting but I have been busy writing. To make up for it, this post will be a mix of all the posts and updates I have missed. That is ‘Friday Quiz’, ‘Book Stats’, ‘Book/Author Review’ and ‘Reading Quote’. Let’s get started!
Friday Quiz
Below, there is a contact form for you to take part in the Friday Quiz. The last question is to help me improve my blog so I will be doing more things people like and less that they don’t.

Book Stats
Okay so here is the update:
This book is getting stronger by the day and I have written…62 pages!!! The book is getting stronger though I have many ideas for the book. So far, this book is by far the first one to come out as I am enjoying writing it so much.
Behind the Glass
This book isn’t going so well. Due to problems with writing, it will take longer to write but I am working on it. In the mean-time, why not read the first book, The Mirror’s Face? It would help to get an idea of things.

Book/Author Review
I have been updating the page for reviews but I think I will do a review as a post and then link it to the reviews page as a change. I got this idea off of many bloggers I have seen so thanks to them! Here is today’s review…
Trading Faces-By Julia DeVillers and Jennifer Roy
Payton and Emma. Two identical twins with completely different personalities. With her passion for fashion and the hope to be in with the popular group, Payton is defiantly hoping for more of a social life than school career. Brainiac Emma blanks out people for a life of studying and being the brainiac of the school. When the two twins are separated when they go up to middle school, things go down from there. Payton gets into the popular group, like she wanted, though the people aren’t as nice as they may seem. Emma immediately dislikes Jasmine James, the school’s current brainiac, as she is competition. Things get from bad to worse when Payton embarrasses herself in front of the whole school! What will they do? With Payton’s social career in jeopardy, Emma jumps to the rescue. Can she save her falling twin?

This book is simply AMAZING! I bought it on my kindle and couldn’t put it down. The story changes as each chapter progresses. For example, in one chapter, it’s in Payton’s point of view and the next, it’s in Emma’s. This is a very useful tactic as it is written by two authors. I presume that they each took control of one character and each wrote the chapter like that, to make it fair. That’s what I would have done. Overall, it’s a five out of five review. Absolutely BRILLIANT!

Reading Quote
Finally, it’s the reading quote!
This one comes from my own mind this time. It’s a saying I have always remembered when writing stories. Here it is:
Writing is like...

So that is all the posts that I have missed and I hope you enjoyed reading them! Thanks for reading!


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