Hi Guys,
I’m really excited because…EXAMS ARE OVER!!! This gives me time to post more information and give you another edition of Imagine!
Today though, it is officially Saturday and today is BOOK STATS!!!
Here they are:
I have written 57 Pages. This means that I am about a quarter of the way through but I don’t know yet when I will end it. Knowing me, I will end it on a cliff hanger. After I have released the whole Sparkle series, there will be another book. This book will be called Pep. Your Personal Encyclopedia of Personality. For all you gemstones out there, this is for you!

Behind the Glass
This book is slightly more complicated. There will now only be two books instead of three and we have written 87 Pages. This means that we have almost written the same length of book as The Mirror’s Face. Estimated first draft to be finished by the end on July, early August. I know that it is long to wait but it will be worth it.

Look out for more posts on information and thanks for reading!


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