My Three Personalities

Hi again,
i just wanted to tell you that I will be doing a new feature (there is so much going on). This feature is called My Three Personalities. I have three new personalities, these are:

1. Fun/Amusing
2. Workaholic
3. Bookaholic

With each of these, I will make a new post titles Enter personality here – Enter post number. For example, if I was doing a Bookaholic post, the tittle would be Bookaholic – 1 as it is the first post of the Bookaholic personality. Each of these has a new feature. Bookaholic is where I pick a random book and have to write a full paragraph about it, even if I read the book a year ago, I wouldn’t be able to reread it, Workaholic is a tip on how to get a lot of work done without getting stressed out by it and Fun/Amusing is where I tell you my Fun/Funny fact of the day. Hope you enjoy each one and comment all your ideas! Thanks!


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