Age Recommendations

Hi Guys,

Today is recommendations say! Here they are:

9+Gingersnaps – Cathy Cassidy. Ginger was an outcast. A loser. She was teased for her ginger hair that seemingly matched her name. When she went into the senior school, she traded her personality. She swapped puppy fat and out of control hair, for make up and straighteners. It all seemed perfect, until lost Emily gets taken in. Shannon and Ginger help Emily regain confidence but will it get too much. The new boy with the saxophone and the English project were supposed to help helped but instead, will they lead her astray or will she finally realise who she really is? A great book and one I recommend. Find who you are. Are you a fashionista or a special friend? Four out of Five stars from me!

13+The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins. Kat just wants to protect her family. When her younger sister Prim gets voted to be a tribute in The Hunger Games, Kat volunteers. Through rigorous training and making new friends, Kat has the make one of the hardest decisions of her life. What will she chose, save herself or the friends she recently gained? Wonderful read! A five out of five stars from me! I literally couldn’t put it down!

15+Spells – Aprilynne Pike. This is the sequel to Wings. Laurel has more enemy’s, love struggles and an even bigger realisation of what she has taken on board. Will she chose the right path or find herself at a dead-end?Brilliant book! Though I recommend reading the first book before as it explains quite a bit of the vocabulary.

Sorry for the short reviews but I still got them out to you :). Hope you enjoy reading them! Thanks for reading.



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