Hi everyone! Welcome to my new feature, Recommendations! In this section, I will be giving you three recommendations in three different age groups. Each recommendation also has information about the recommended book. These age groups are 9+, 13+ and 15+. Now for the recommendations:
9+Cathy Cassidy – Cherry Crush. This book is the first in the Chocolate Box Girls series. Cherry is uprooted from her life in Scotland so her Dad can be with his girlfriend who already has four daughters. Will Cherry be happy, will she be accepted or will her life be even worse than before.
13+The Fallen Star – Jessica Sorensen. In this series, you join Gemma, 18 year old lonely girl, who goes through life without emotions. She wakes up one day to find herself with emotions and an electrical connection with someone she swears she has never seen in her life! The most shocking thing is… She’s a fallen star…
15+ Wings – Aprilynne Pike. We join Laurel in a tough situation. She thinks she’s just a normal girl with odd habits but no. She is a faerie. When a flower grows out of her back, she knows she isn’t normal. When faerie boy Tamani comes to the scene, Laurel is torn. Who will she chose? Live a normal life with her boyfriend David, or go on a faerie adventure of a lifetime! (Fairies are more scientific than in children’s books. There is also come mild language)

Here are the recommendations this week. Please comment or email me what you think of the books! Thanks!!!



4 thoughts on “Recommendations

    1. Thank you for reading it but, as you will know, it has some language in it. That is why it is a 15+. If you are 13, please look at the 13+ section.

      1. Thank you for your input on this. I hope you enter my competition. The competition closes in four days so if you are going to enter then time is running out!
        Thanks for your comment

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