Competition 3

This competition is different from all the others. Again, it has the limit of 500 words. I will give you a title and you have to create a story around that. It could be anything from horror to romance, comedy to tragedy. I want you to enjoy this competition to the fullest. This is due in on the 29th April 2013. Please comment your responses in the usual way. Shortly, I will have a new source of contact but for now, use the old way. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy! The title is: The Spring Journey…

As a future note, all competitions will now be written in more detail on the competitions page. The same follows for the New Books and Release Dates page. I will post a notice when there is a new update onto the home page. Thanks again and I can’t wait to see all of your ideas.


5 thoughts on “Competition 3

  1. I may not be able to spend much time writing an entry, as my Mum has to go to Scotland, and I have to look after my younger sister- but I will try to get a piece in!

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