Sorry I haven’t been posting recently, I have been busy writing. Any more entries for the competition because I’m judging it on the 15th of February. As for news, Behind the Glass is back on but Sparkle might still be coming out first. Sparkle’s publication date is postponed because I haven’t decided if I want to paperback or kindle it. Why don’t you comment on your ideas? 

See you soon!!! 


3 thoughts on “News

  1. I think you should kindle it, as kindle is becoming SO much more popular and it’s so much quicker and easier to do! 😛

    1. Thanks for your support Bethan123456 but I will paperback it because not everyone has a kindle and it will reach more people. I also think it is a big milestone for me so I am going to paperback it because it can always go on kindle later on.

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