New Book Quiz

Hey guys,

I have had an idea to write a new book called Kelli Mckai. This will come out in around 2014 – 2015 because I need to finish the Mirror’s Face series which will be completed in early 2014. Can you please answer these questions in comments so I can incorporate them into Kelli Mckai and you can get the book you wanted?


1. Do you like the idea of a romance/thriller novel? If not, what do you like?

2. Do you like love triangles?

3. What basic plot would you like? (I will combine your ideas with mine to create the storyline)

4. Do you like fantasy creatures?(Faeries, werewolves, vampires etc.)

5. If so, what fantasy creature do you like?

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. I can assure you that appropriate ideas will be chosen to create the book that you want to read. Thank you!


4 thoughts on “New Book Quiz

  1. Im just going to answer the questions (:
    I like the idea of combining thriller and romance because it makes a book more interesting to read without too much going on that you get confused by the plot of the story. I also like love triangles because your always guessing what is going to happen- its just one of those things that keeps you puzzled so you want to read on to see if that certain person chose the person that you wanted.
    Plot ideas; I’m not that great in making ideas the only thing I can think of is a cell phone swap that somehow gets the people in the love triangle to meet because they have each other’s cell phone? I’m not sure And I like fantasy creatures but if you are going to chose to put them in your story can you please try not to include a vampire or werewolf because there are so many stories about them (other than twilight and vampire diaries) so you need to be a lil different not saying that I don’t like vampires and werewolves it’s just that there are many stories like that so readers like myself may look at it a see that it’s ‘ another one of those vampire and werewolf books’ . By the way all of this is my opinion so don’t get mad get glad šŸ™‚

  2. Hey!!
    1. I sort of like thriller/romance, but really only if it is mainly thrill with a bit of romance.
    2. Not really- they get a bit complicated sometimes.
    3. If it is gonna be a thriller/romantic then maybe this guy goes off to another country, meets a girl, country has a civil war, girl kidnapped, he does everything he can to save her.
    4. Not for a book like this. Unless it is set in the future, made up creatures make it look kiddish and unserious- like made up creatures in say the hunger games were OK because it was something related to reality- humans made them- I agree with Toni :D- PLEASE dont put vampires and werewolfs in it- They are too popular and someone might end up trying to sue you for copyright of twilight!!! šŸ˜‰
    5. for a book like this- not many but I sort of like zombies or ‘posessed’ people for a thriller.

  3. 1) yes. Great idea
    2) yes. makes it interesting
    3)ummmmm maybe…. i really don’t know. i’m not in a creative mood right now. sorry
    4) Not really. Not physicked with that idea but if you are doing it, I think that you should say that one of the characters is a creature, but at the very end.
    5) I agree with toni and coolstory22ggirl

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